Building A Better Cup Of Coffee

While coffee may be one of the most popular drinks around

millions are forced to do without it because of heartburn, acid reflux chronic stomach discomfort and other gastrointestinal issues.

The problem, it seems, has to do with the very thing that gives coffee so much flavor: the roasting.


But that may soon change.

Joseph Schmer, M.D., a gastrointestinal medical specialist and former co chief of gastroenterology forcup of coffee.

Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, NY, has seen for years just how large of a problem stomach issues are for coffee drinkers.

During the coffee roasting process, natural acids form which can lead to heartburn, indigestion and upset stomach, he explains.

Reducing these irritants allows coffee drinkers with sensitive stomachs to enjoy coffee.

People with sensitive stomachs may want to check out brews such as Coffee Legends Gentle Java,

a new coffee designed specifically for coffee drinkers who say coffee upsets their stomachs.

The java is made from an all natural steam process popular in Europe for about 60 years that reduces around 70 percent of all impurities and irritants.

The steaming leaves the coffee aroma, flavor and caffeine completely intact meaning coffee drinkers without sensitive stomachs can enjoy the brew, too.

Gentle Java is good news for those who rely on coffee to help focus or for anyone who wants to benefit from coffee’s antioxidant qualities.

While caffeine has long been known to help asthmatics prevent attacks, recent studies have shown coffee consumption can have several other health benefits.

Drinking coffee has been associated with a lower risk of gallstone disease in men, reduced risk of kidney stone formation and a reduced risk of colon cancer.

Other studies have found coffee to be a good source of potassium, helpful in promoting the effectiveness

of migraine medications, and a way of protecting against free radical damage to tissues.

One study found it had more antioxidant activity than red wine, green or black tea or orange juice and coffee.

Simple Gourmet Coffee

There are a number of countries that produce coffee

and new regions are converting their crops to the mighty bean as our demand for different tasting coffee increases.


We are also adding more exotic flavourings to our coffee.

It comes as no surprise that the number of coffee shops and stores that sell coffee beans and all the

associated paraphernalia to be able to make our own perfect coffee at home.

Coffee houses are a great place for us to go and relax with friends and family over an expertly made cup of coffee.

We often ignore how much effort has been put into our drink by the coffee maker that roasts the beans

grinds them up and then uses the exact quantity required to brew a satisfying cup of coffee for us.

There are a number of techniques involved in making a cup of coffee and a lot of us are happy to leave someone else to make it for us.

The equipment used is only part of the story, you also need to practice with various quantities

of coffee and water until it reaches your optimum strength.

We are almost overwhelmed by the huge variety of types of coffee that are available.

Not only does the coffee taste different depending on the country and region that the beans were grown in but also from year to year.

This is due to the changes in weather from one coffee growing season to another.

If you go to a specialist coffee shop you are likely to be confronted with a huge selection of flavourings that you can add to your coffee to make it even more to your liking.

The strength and bitterness of the coffee can be adjusted by using different quantities of water and coffee

adding sweeteners and milk as well as adding milk.

One tip for lowering the bitterness level is to never use boiling water as this scalds the coffee and gives it a bitter taste.

Always use water that is just below boiling temperature when making your coffee.

Everyone has their own opinion about what makes the perfect cup

of coffee but you will find your own technique through trial and coffee.

Caribou Coffee Now

Heard about Caribou Coffee

If not yet, then you might not be a coffee addict. Well, Caribou Coffee is one of worldly known coffee shop with corporate headquarters in Minneapolis metropolitan area. The company was founded by the newly weds John and Kim Puckett and since its opening, the Caribou chain has expanded to about 415 locations in fifteen states in the US.

This degree of expansion is what actually makes the company second to the largest operator of non-franchised coffee shops in the United States.

Now what makes Caribou Coffee best

There are a lot of factors that make Caribou coffee one of the best. Included in the list are the company’s dedication and the production.

Caribou Coffee is in the first place highly dedicated to providing the best in quality and taste coffee. An evidence for this commitment is their partnership with the Rainforest Alliance, as well as its participation on the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s Producer Support Fund in which Caribou volunteer itself as one of the sponsors.

According to certain reports, Caribou has donated at the highest level to the fund founded by the SCAA to help growers of delicate coffee who do not have the funds to take part on the meetings and functions of the SCAA. All of the company’s hard work and efforts are exerted just to provide the public the best coffee possible.

In terms of production, the Caribou coffee is treated with the best care. The company has placed special attention to selecting the best green beans, and even to creating the blends. The way they roast the coffee beans also play a great part in making the Caribou coffee one of a kind. And, much to your surprise.

this company accepts only the highest in quality coffee beans and they employ the highest standards in the coffee industry regardless of the overheads.

Today, Caribou Coffee offers only the best in taste coffees. All of their products are named after the country where the coffees were grown. There are also some products that bear names that are made up of a number of words.

The words even embody the coffee grade, other than the region in which they were cultivated. It is further interesting to know that the Caribou coffees are highly noted and valued for their strong taste and aroma. Well, this notable strength is actually a product of the company’s ultimate brewing process which aims to make a brew that possesses the best characteristics.

One of today’s prides of Caribou Coffee is their decaffeinated coffee which is 100% caffeine free. This product is produced out of the company’s ultimate steaming and drying process. The coffee beans are actually steamed first to open up the pores of the beans. This is considered to make the beans vulnerable to the solvent that will remove the caffeine.

Once steaming is done, the decaffeinated coffee is dried and repackaged. Perhaps what makes the Caribou Coffee decaf is that it is prepared all natural and chemical free.

With all the efforts and dedication, it’s no wonder that Caribou Coffee has topped the list in 2004 edition of Consumer Reports, beating brews from Starbucks and Seattle’s Best.

Coffee Beans Choosing The Right To About

Wondering what kind of coffee beans to buy now

Not sure which of the available coffee products is right for you

coffee beans

Well finding and choosing the right coffee beans is as easy

as pie only if you know some of the basic facts about coffee and its production.

Two of the most important things to know about it are the types of coffee and the degree of roast.

Once you’ve got the idea behind these concepts, it would be easy for you to choose

the right coffee beans for an unforgettable cup.

So let’s start coffee beans today

When choosing good coffee , it is important to note what’s in the name.

The coffee beans come in a number of varieties, and each variety possesses characteristics that are to some degree different from the others.

Basically, coffee beans can be classified in two types, the coffee Arabica and the coffee Robusta.

The former type is known throughout the industry as the older type originating

in Ethiopia that possesses a better taste and aroma, while the latter is noted for its bitter taste and distinct flavor.

Of the two types, it is the coffee Arabica that is preferred by many consumers as it tastes better than the Robusta.

The right coffee beans can also be identified according to the way the beans are roasted.

In the first place, the beans are harvested green.

They appear like a dried legume and usually have a little resemblance to the roasted product.

They are roasted fresh by the professionals and the longer the beans roast, the darker their color and the stronger their flavor.

Given this fact, it is best then to look at yourself and ask how strong you want and prefer. Note that the roasts come in a number of names.

For instance, the light roasts include New England, Light and Cinnamon.

The color of these coffee beans appears to be somewhat similar to a milk chocolate, and much to your surprise, they contain more caffeine than the dark roasts.

According to some researches, about 10% is the increase in the caffeine contained in light roasted coffee beans.

There are also the medium roasted coffee beans, which come in dark brown color with certain spots on the grains. In this degree of roast, only a lesser amount of acidity is obtained.

The medium roasted coffee beans also tend to be spicy and nutty in taste

Well, according to some experts, a good medium roast can feature the best qualities of every type of coffee, whether Arabica or Robusta.

And to mention but one, the Costa Rica coffee is one of the best varieties of medium roast.

Finally, there are the dark roasts which appear almost black in color and are very oily

and shinny. In this degree of roast, the coffee beans tend to have a smoky and deep flavor.

The beans also taste much bitter than the first mentioned degrees, and one of the

most well known varieties that fall under this degree is the Mocha Java, which is marketed throughout the world these days for its strong aroma and taste.

When choosing the right coffee beans, it is important to make sure that beans are freshly roasted.

Also, make sure that the coffee are never broken, but whole and well shaped.

Most of all go for those that smell good coffee.

If your instinct tells you that this is the good product coffee beans then it probably is.

Coffee Beans Best Cup Of Major Today

Choosing good coffee beans has a lot more to do with art than with science.

And those who know how to, will spare nothing just to find the best coffee today

that money can buy, but why should you care.

coffee beans

And coffee is just, coffee,what’s the big deal

Well, if you’re fond of the common supermarket variety of coffee beans, then chances are that you’re right. It isn’t such a big deal.

But once you have tried the real good coffee beans you will understand why so many people go to such lengths just to find the perfect beans for the perfect cup of coffee.

So where do you start coffee beans

When it comes to good coffee, there’s no better place to start than what the experts say is a good place to start. But make no mistake.

Their words are no bible, however, they do give you some idea on how to go about taking your first tentative step towards genuinely good coffee.

First, you need to learn that freshly roasted and ground coffee beans are what make a superior cup of coffee. You can never go wrong with fresh beans.

In fact, the underlying philosophy is:

the fresher the beans, the better.

Just try it and you’ll be surprised to find how a few fresh coffee beans can transform your favorite cup of java into a fantastic gastronomic experience.

Next where do you find fresh coffee beans

You may get lucky and stumble upon a few bags in the supermarket.

But if you want to be certain that you are getting fresh, good quality beans, then start at your local specialty or gourmet stores.

The salespeople at these stores are usually very knowledgeable about coffee and helpful to the extent that they may allow you to taste before buying anything.

But how do you know if they’re good coffee beans

Well, for one thing good coffee beans are never splintered or broken.

They should be whole and well shaped, If you encounter a bin or bag of splintered or broken beans, then put it right back where you found it and look for another.

It’s quite possible that you won’t find any helpful salesperson around, especially if you’re doing your shopping at a supermarket.

If that’s the case, then you have to learn to trust your own eyes and nose.

Okay, so now you know that good are whole and well shaped, but what about the smell They smell good, period.

That’s all you need to know. It has to do with gut instinct, similar to how you’d know right away that the milk has gone sour when you smell it.

coffee beans that have gone bad will smell just a bit off and you’ll recognize that smell

all coffee you and coffee beans.